punkdamara sent: Solkat is hot

this guy gets it



what’s red and yellow and gay all over


you misspelled Davesol wrong

no they spelled solkat right

i would know

(Source: faecub)


i cant believe that im saying this but if someone were to get me the dirkstrider url, id give up the solkat url

things i am thankful for

  • solkat
ghostbattle sent: oh.... well that makes a lot more sense but if you aren't going to use it actively, i could maybe ask people not to tag replies or stuff for me with the url and use something else instead (cries) i really want it omg please for real tho

im probably going to be active again once im done with school

i want to update this and get things moving, collect rpers and stuff etc, what i actually intended this blog for

ghostbattle sent: the long watch continues..,,. (im watchin u still)

answers this one (;

im keeping this url safe so replies and such dont spam the solkat tag (ive also got 2olkat as well fyi uvu)



Anonymous sent: Oh man I really want to help but I don't feel comfortable giving out my name but I wish you the best of luck on finding the help you need!! <333

Well- it doesn’t need to be your real name! Like- I go by Roy, online, so it’s just basically the name that I can call you by. <:

<3 But thank you~~

Anonymous sent: If we know fanfics that are not as of yet on the fanfic page, are we free to submit them? Also, I apologize if this is something that has been asked previously.

Not just yet! ouo

At the moment, I’m providing links to all of the fanfics that are on Ao3 that are completed. And I do have someone working on getting me a list of links and everything for the stuff that’s been written on the kink meme.

I’m just really slow at actually updating things, might just go ahead and finish linking them right now. (8

doubleeverythiingbro-deactivate sent: Are you adding only Karkat x Sollux pairings current and/or the blogs that ship it but don't have a Karkat or Sollux yet? I have another Sollux RP blog, brrrrooo.

Ooh, good question!

At the moment, I’m only adding the blogs that are willing to rp it! Like, they can fill any quadrant, but as long as they’re rping Solkat (or will be in the future) I’ll add them to the list. :>

I need that url, broski.